Cell Site Maintenance

Cell Site Maintenance


Cell Site Maintenance

In the highly-competitive wireless communications industry, network operators continue to look for ways to simplify their operations and reduce operating expenses

Leveraging our Maintenance Solution relieves our customers of the burden of these time-consuming activities and allows them to focus on more strategic initiatives.


Many have identified network maintenance and repair as an area for improved business processes and greater cost control.
Emaculate Solutions provides preventative, corrective and routine maintenance as we strongly believe in proactive maintenance to prevent service interruptions that ultimately impact customers.
Cell site maintenance is critical for peak performance; quality of network and availably of service and for that reason we manage maintenance and repairs to have the customer focus on revenue and customer satisfaction.



  This Solution Includes:

Comprehensive cell site care, including RF components, tower, building & grounds, power & ground systems, HVAC, weed abatement, snow removal and generator.

Execution of both routine, scheduled maintenance and emergency repair callouts in compliance with service level agreements.

Economies of scale associated with other large regional and national programs, including ongoing maintenance programs for multiple network operators.

Web and mobile device-enabled trouble ticket assignment, tracking, reporting and communication system.  

The quality assurance, safety and responsiveness customers have come to expect from Emaculate Solutions.

Customer Challenges

  • Both fixed (maintenance) and variable (repair) costs
  • Significant investments in personnel, vehicles, facilities, tools, spare parts & supplies
  • Managing maintenance & repair distracts from revenue generation and customer retention activities
  • Lapses can result in dissatisfied customers, lost revenue and regulatory risk
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