Code and Configuration Engineer

Philadelphia, PA

The primary focus for the role is to transform development processes for existing applications software development into a Continuous Delivery-driven SDLC, influencing and educating development and QA teams to adjust working practices in alignment with modern day software development and delivery approaches (CI, CD, AWS). As a part of a DevOps team, the role is responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining automation processes needed to build and deploy software components in AWS cloud. The role also assumes a small degree of incident management for any issue at any stage of the software development lifecycle.

Candidates will be expected to be technically literate in a Java/Linux/Oracle/AWS Cloud enterprise environment.

  • Software delivery automation (CD, CI)
  • Provide thought leadership to promote and evangelize DevOps best practices (CI, CD, automated testing, branching strategy, decoupling, in developing a design branching strategy and release coordination etc…)
  • Simplification and improvement of software delivery/release processes
  • Support existing development processes
  • Support cloud-based solutions by building and managing infrastructures in AWS
  • Participate in services and software systems design
  • Monitor and fix issues identified or reported
  • Minor development for internal services and automation needs
  • Plan, coordinate and implement changes to maintained software configurations and installations
  • Interactions with development teams for task scheduling, clarification, and implementation
  • Participation in deployment processes (development and testing)
  • Editing and maintenance of documentation for software architectures and automation processes
  • Setup and management of all code and config repositories for SDLC environments (Dev/QA/Staging/Prod, etc.)
  • Ability to manage code base and configurations for SaaS applications and integration environments (NetSuite, Boomi, SFDC, etc.)
  • Should be able to define Code Management strategy.
  • Should be feasible enough to adapt to functional understanding across all systems at Clarivate.
  • There will be occasions when this role will need to undertake activities out of normal workday hours.QUALIFICATIONS:
  • BSc/MSc degree in the field of computer science is preferred, otherwise, the equivalent experience is expected
  • A minimum of 5 years of work experience as a Systems Administrator/DevOps supporting development teams
  • Excellent understanding of SDLC, patching, releases and software development at scale
  • Good understanding of enterprise standards and enterprise building principles
  • GIT/ GITHUB: Understands repository maintenance, branching merging strategies
  • AWS: Understands AWS concepts of EC2, S3, RDS and maintaining AWS instances.
  • Jenkins: Familiar with setting up and running CI tools like Jenkins
  • Familiar with SaaS apps like Salesforce or NetSuite, Boomi, Zuora, Talend, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of Linux OS
  • Theoretical and practical skills in Web-environments based on Java technologies, e.g. Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss
  • Strong scripting skills in one or any combination of bash, Python, Perl, Ruby
  • Good understanding of the mechanisms of Web-environment architectures approaches
  • Strong knowledge of cloud providers offering, AWS in particular
  • Good knowledge of a configuration management tool like Ansible, Packer.
  • Good knowledge of cloud infrastructures orchestration tools like CloudFormation or Terraform.
  • Basic knowledge of software delivery orchestration tools like, Jenkins Pipelines, Nolio, IBM UberCode.
  • Strong practical knowledge of CI Tools, e.g. Jenkins
  • Knowledge of Splunk is a plus
  • Excellent knowledge of Continuous Integration and Delivery approachesSKILLS
  • Good written, verbal, interpersonal, presentation and negotiation skills including; change management documentation, ability to communicate with technical and non-technical employees, and process orientation skills
  • A customer driven approach and good customer management skills
  • Experience of working under pressure
  • Effective time management skills; able to set prioritized and be flexible in a changing environment
  • Well organized and disciplined with regards policy, procedure and standards
  • Ability to report and work accurately and according to agreed timelines
  • Ability to identify problems, root causes and apply solutions proactively
  • Confident, outgoing personality
  • The ideal candidate must be pro-active and self-motivated to achieve operational excellence and has the aptitude to increase technical breadth
  • Co-ordinate with various leads and do sandbox management across various systems
  • Manages the Source code branching, merging strategies for various releases in SFDC, NetSuite etc. in Github
  • Sets up and manages Continuous Integration via Jenkins
  • Refreshes and aligns all sandboxes for each release (DEV, FUT, UAT).
  • Hands over the tested source code to promote to prod team and co-ordinates with them.

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