IT Procurement Analyst (567207)

Richmond, VA
Salary: $20.00 to $25.00 /hour

IT Procurement Analyst

This position will provide guidance and manage statewide IT procurements in compliance with policies and procedures, understands and knows all procurement methods. This position also analyzes requests, recommends default actions and contract usage, and finds alternate sources. Serves as liaison between vendors and users. Understands and assists users in selecting best procurement methods and documentation requirements that meets customers’ expectations regarding delivery, quality, quantity, and price. Provides guidance to end users on contract-related discrepancies. This position also demonstrates a commitment to being a trustworthy steward of assigned resources. Uses role solely for the public good versus private gain. Abides by all applicable laws, regulations, and policies. Experience in procurement related activities such as applying state and local procurement laws, regulations, and practices. Comprehensive analytical skills and the ability to write and speak clearly and effectively. Provide excellent internal and external customer service.

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